Young #Blacklove in Jason & Kyra

Black love is often portrayed in many ways, a magazine article or on an Instagram page promoting healthy and happy images of black couples. It can be a rare thing to see black love portrayed in the lives of young adults or teenagers. It is often the mature love that black people look towards as examples and yet in Dana Davidson’s novel Jason & Kyra, readers are able to see a serious depiction of black love in a young high school couple.

Jason is the tall and handsome star basketball player at Cross High School. He’s part of the “cool kids” crowd and always wears the latest hot brands. Kyra is a considered a nerd and a “brain,” who wears her hair natural and has her own personal fashion. On the surface it would appear that Jason & Kyra have nothing in common but when they are unexpectedly paired for a class assignment, it sparks a new and deeper relationship that neither of them have ever experienced.

While navigating through the highs of experiencing their first love, Jason and Kyra also deal with the reality of Jason’s abusive home life, the stress of Kyra’s upcoming scholarship competition, and the world of Cross High School’s rigorous academic demands while becoming the subject of gossip amongst the student body.

Jason put his video controls down and got up from the couch. He began pacing back and forth. “First of all, everything you said about Lisa is true. But to me, Kyra is beautiful. She’s smart as hell, funny, she knows a lot of stuff about a whole lot of different stuff. She’s easy to talk to, she’s good, you know, she’s just good people inside. She’s not afraid to be different. She’s not worried about what you think about her hair or her clothes or her, period. I like that.”

Their ability to love and understand each other deeply gives the reader a glimpse into a mature kind of love but in the reality of dealing with the world as a teenager. This book will make readers cheer for both Jason and Kyra individually and together as they work hard to achieve their goals and support each other in their personal endeavors. Portraying black love in a positive light, Jason & Kyra will be a book that you’ll want to keep on your shelf for years to come.

Author: Dana Davidson

Publisher: Hyperion